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Water Bore Drillers - 6x

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Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Review client requirements and proposed locations for water wells
Operate water well drilling rigs and other equipment to drill, bore and dig for residential, commercial and industrial water wells or environmental assessment, and install well screens, casings and other well fixtures
Document geological formations encountered
Clean and disinfect wells in preparation for use
Perform routine mechanical maintenance work on water well drilling rigs and equipment
Install, test, maintain and repair water well pumps, piping systems and equipment and perform pumping tests to assess well performance
May provide other drilling services, such as repair or dismantling of existing water well structure, elevator shaft drilling and hydro pole drilling.
Water well drillers may specialize in a specific method of drilling, such as cable, rotary, auger, hammer or reverse circulation drilling.


  • Attended recognized institution in PNG

  • At least 2 to 5 years experience on land / offshore drilling .

  • The individual has Safety, Communication & supervisory skills.

  • Proficient in Computer, confident with Microsoft office: Word, Excel, Access, Power point etc.,

  • Must have a valid wellcap Supervisor level certificate but not necessary

  • Other drilling related certificates

  • Top drive experience

  • Fluent in English language.

Please send your Cv and other relevant documents via

About the Company

EARTHPRO LIMITED was founded in Feb 2015 as an Engineering Firm and has become a reputable player in the Geosciences & Engineering field. The company is headed by team of highly qualified and experienced professionals in the Civil Engineering, Mechanical, Geosciences,Architectural, Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering with more than 30 years of cumulative experiences.

Our executive team is led by Pil Niru- Principal Geotechnical Engineer by profession with more than 10 years of field experience; Gary Whatmore- Geotechnical Engineer (Australian) with more than 25 years of Geotechnical Engineering experience; Sam Mapu, Lead Civil Engineer (PNG) with 10 years experience, Ditha Niab, Lead Designer( Architecture) with more than 15 years experience with design and construction. These key people have brought engineering and related skills acquired in diverse industry sectors and invested into the company which has driven the company’s portfolio to where it is now.

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